Æfingaálag íþróttafólks Smáþjóðaleikanna 2015

Þessi rannsókn var nýlega birt og fjallar um æfingaálag í nokkrum mismunandi íþróttum. Rannsóknin var gerð á íþróttafólki sem tók þátt á Smáþjóðaleikunum 2015.

Hér má sjá samantekt á greininni:

PAPESH Team (Jose M. Saavedra, Sveinn Þorgeirsson, Hafrún Kristjánsdóttir, Kristján Halldórsson, Margrét L. Guðmundsdóttir, Ingi Þ. Einarsson) have published an article in the Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. This peer-reviewed journal is indexed in Emerging Sources Citation Index (Clarivate Analytics before Thomson Reuters) and PubMed.

The objective of this study was to analyse the volume of training in several sports as a function of sex and age.  The study sample consisted of 302 sportspersons (men, n=132; women, n=170) who participated in the 16th Games of the Small States of Europe (1st to 6th June 2015) in representation of nine countries.  The subjects practised the following sports: artistic gymnastics, athletics, basketball, beach volleyball, golf, judo, shooting, swimming, table tennis, tennis, and volleyball, and were classified by sex, sport, and age (younger: ≤20 years; intermediate: from 21 to 30 years; older: ≥31 years. Neither interactions between the groups nor differences depending on sex were found in the training volumes, but the older the sportsperson the lower the training volume (days per week, and total time per week).  The sports with the greatest training volumes were artistic gymnastics and swimming, while those with most competitions per year were basketball and volleyball.

 Nánar hér: Tengill á síðu www.mjssm.me


Comparison of tr vol in diff el sports acc sex age sport.png

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