Brief Bio

MSc in Exercise Science and Coaching from Reykjavik University [RU] in 2012. Also I have received my BSc in Sport Science from RU in 2010. My research interests are focused on performance of athletes, handballers in particular. I´m the project manager of Borgarholtsskóli Sport Academy with over 100 athletes, primarly soccer and handball players. From 2009, I´ve worked as head of coaches in handball at Fjölnir Sport Club alongside coaching youth for a decade. I´ve supervised 17 B.Sc.thesis and received a grant from the Icelandic Sports fund, three times from the Students Innovation fund managed by RANNÍS. Finally, I joined RU in 2010 and I´m currently teaching in the undergradate program courses like theory of training, and performance measurments and applied pedagogy and leadership. In the MSc program I have supervised theory of and philosophy of training in 2014 as well as begin the supervisor of equipment for the Sport Lab in RU.


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